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Published on January 20th, 2021 | by Emergent Enterprise


Virtual CES AR/VR Recap

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Maybe more than ever before, the new technology at CES reflects what is predominant in our world. It is a response to what the public desires and more importantly, what it needs. This overview at AR Insider by Charlie Fink covers in part how the worldwide pandemic has necessitated that technology answer the call. The event itself could not be held in a physical space but was conducted in a virtual format. The devices and products introduced at CES are seen through the lens of COVID-19.  Augmented and virtually reality technology were a big part of that and with capabilities that allow collaboration and “hands-off” delivery of information pave the way for creative implementation. Take a look at some of the standout products and experiences that are part of the “new normal.”

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Welcome back to Spatial Beats. This week, it’s all about recapping the spatial happenings at CES. The Consumer Everything Show as we call it, attracts more than 200,000 people from all over the world to Las Vegas each year. For tech investors and writers, entrepreneurs and manufacturers, it is the place to make deals and soak in the zeitgeist. The events that took place online, which were seen by many more people than would have participated in person, suffered from the same lack of presence and commitment that derails all virtual conferences.

Hot topics included Healthtech, foldable screens and 5G (yes, again). Here come the high tech masks. You’re going to need them in the new normal and, hopefully, at CES back in the real world, 2022. Here are round ups of the show from Forbes, Flipboard, CNet, Wired, and Financial Times.

Panasonic’s VR glasses debuted at CES with a steampunk look. The glasses have micro OLED panels and support HDR. For audio, the product uses built-in headphones. The product might be targeting 5G networks when they roll out for virtual travel and VR sports. They were also showing off their new HUD tech for vehicles.

Sony unveils a new virtual concert experience at CES. Artist Madison Beer, as a virtual avatar, performed her song “Boyshit” on a virtual stage before a virtual live audience. She was actually in a VR suit performing in a studio. The experience will debut this winter on PSVR and Oculus.

Vuzix’s new microLED smart glasses look like eyewear you’d want to wear in public. The glasses are more heads-up displays than true AR and are designed to mirror info from a connected smartphone. Although there is currently not a release date, product name, or a price point, it is expected to release sometime over the summer according to rumors.

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