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Published on April 20th, 2021 | by Emergent Enterprise


Doctors Perform One-Of-A-Kind AR Surgery In Boston

Emergent Insight:
Surgeons and surgical teams work grueling schedules and are in constant demand for lifesaving procedures and decision-making. Augmented reality is now providing valuable support for surgeons with on-demand 3D renderings of patient anatomy in their field of view while they operate. This post by Kyle Melnick at VRScout gives an overview of the AR platform HipInsight and how it has debuted in the operating room. This use case represents one of the many advantages of AR. Having immediate and critical information instantly available can relieve the pressure in jobs that are high stress. And, the AR delivery keeps the surgeon and their team focused on the patient and not looking away for reference. This type of AR tech will no doubt be commonplace in surgical rooms one day soon.

Original Article:
Image Credit: HipInsight System via Twitter

According to a report by WCVB-TV, a new intra-operative AR guidance platform ‘HipInsight’ was used for the first time last month during a live operation at New England Baptist Hospital, marking one of the first times AR technology has been used inside the operating room during live surgery.

Developed by Dr. Steven Murphy, an orthopedic surgeon and founder of Surgical Planning Associates, the AR-enhanced platform—referred to as HipInsight—works by outfitting surgeons with Microsoft HoloLens 2 mixed reality headsets loaded with 3D images of the patients’ anatomy. Using a special tracker secured to the patient, Dr. Murphy and three of his colleagues were able to view an accurate 3D layout of the patients’ anatomical data while they operated.

“We’re going to a place in medicine that has just never existed before,” said Dr. Steve Murphy during an interview with WCVB-TV. “What this does is it takes all the critical three-dimensional information of that patient and puts it right where you want it, when you want it, in real-time,” adding, “Little differences turn out to be big differences for the patient. Being able to lock in and be sure that everything you’re doing is exactly what you planned and you’re accomplishing exactly what you’re setting out to do, is a difference-maker for surgery.”

Dr. Murphy’s intra-operative AR guidance platform was approved by the Food and Drug Administration Moving on January 28, 2021. That following month, the system was used to perform a total hip arthroplasty at North Atlantic Surgery Suites in Salem, N.H.. Moving forward, Dr. Murphy hopes his system can be used for not only hip surgery but other forms of treatment as well, such as knee replacement.

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