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Published on May 18th, 2021 | by Emergent Enterprise


Microsoft ‘Absolutely’ Working On Consumer HoloLens

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Most of us have two worlds that influence each other: the work world and the home world. Over the decades when a new transformative technology was introduced in one world, it influenced the other world. For instance, desktop computers first were used at work but before long people were using them at home. Smartphones mainly were initially adopted by people at home and then they became ubiquitous at work. What of VR? Perhaps with Oculus Quest enjoying some moderate success at the consumer level, virtual reality experiences will become more common in the workplace. That could be the thinking of the Microsoft Hololens team as reported at this post by Jamie Feltham at UploadVR. Microsoft absolutely sees a consumer version of Hololens as a critical part of their roadmap. Of course, the price will have to come way down as people at home aren’t going to pay $3.5K per headset but the fact that Microsoft is working towards this goal is proof that they see the value of the home influencing the workplace and business adoption is where the big dollars are.

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Speaking to Wall Street Journal, Technical Fellow Alex Kipman touched on the future of the platform. “But you don’t get to lead a new medium of computing if you’re not going to be in consumer,” Kipman said. “So we are absolutely working on a consumer journey for HoloLens. I’m happy to confirm that and say that is a very important part of our strategy.”

Kipman didn’t give any kind of roadmap for an eventual launch of a consumer HoloLens, but it’s likely not going to happen for a while. The HoloLens 2, which we reviewed earlier this year, is an excellent but expensive ($3,500) AR headset with a lot of features that don’t quite measure up to consumer expectations. Improving these features whilst also bringing the kit’s price down is a challenge not just Microsoft but every hopeful AR competitor faces in the coming years.

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