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Published on September 15th, 2021 | by Emergent Enterprise


Xiaomi Unveils Xiaomi Smart Glasses

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Do consumers (aka everyday people like you and me) want information appearing in their field of view (FOV) at all times? Has anybody asked? The big tech companies have been rattling their smart glass sabers and saying “Yes!” The latest entrant is the Chinese behemoth Xiaomi who unveiled their smart glasses POC yesterday as reported by Xiaomi at the site, blog.mi.com. There are some intriguing features at play here including the device’s light weight and their ability to function independently without another device nearby like a smartphone. Current smartphone addiction suggests that consumers will be interested in this technology especially if there are some links to social media. Who doesn’t want to immediately know how many likes their last Instagram post has? This constant onslaught of knowledge, though, could be at the expense of user safety and security and to those around them. Expect a story soon where someone wearing smart glasses while driving hits another car or a pedestrian. That’s when the glasses will not be “smart” at all.

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Photo: Xiaomi

A Smart Wearable Device Concept Integrating Intelligent Functions into Eyewear

Beijing, CHINA, September 14th 2021 – Global technology leader, Xiaomi today announced Xiaomi Smart Glasses – a brand new smart wearable device. Xiaomi Smart Glasses is capable of combining imaging system and sensors into a subtle, ordinary glasses design through MicroLED optical waveguide technology. Weighing a mere 51g, Xiaomi Smart Glasses is able to display messages and notifications, make calls, navigate, capture photos, and translate text right before your eyes.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses are an engineer’s look into an advanced future.

Advanced MicroLED optical waveguide technology – the future is before your eyes

To match the form of ordinary glasses, subtle challenges on imaging and internal component arrangements must be overcome. Xiaomi Smart Glasses adopts MicroLED imaging technology to lower the design space needed in structural design, as well as the overall weight of the device.

In order to fit the imaging system seamlessly into the frame, MicroLED undoubtedly is the most optimal choice. Like OLEDs, MicroLEDs pixels are individually lit – its emissive property allows for brighter displays and deeper blacks. But MicroLEDs have a higher pixel density and longer lifespan while having a simpler structure. This allows for a more compact display, as well as easier screen integration.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses has a display chip measuring just 2.4mm x 2.02mm. Under a microscope, the display is roughly the size of a grain of rice, with individual pixels sized at 4μm—enabling the display to be fitted perfectly within the frame of the glasses. To allow sufficient light to pass through complicated optical structures before reaching the eye even in harsh direct sunlight, we opted for an ultra-efficient monochrome display solution, which is capable of reaching a peak brightness of 2 million nits.

By adopting optical waveguide technology which refracts lights at 180°, the MicroLED display accurately transmits light beams to the human eye through the microscopic grating structure of the optical waveguide lens.

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