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Published on October 6th, 2021 | by Emergent Enterprise


Nreal’s Latest Augmented Reality Glasses are a Wearable ‘201-inch TV’

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Augmented reality devices enhance the world around the user by adding information that is contextual to their surroundings. The info appears in their field of vision and brings new meaning to their immediate interaction with the world around them.  This post at TechSpot by Adrian Potoroaca that describes the functions and features of the new Nreal Air “augmented reality” (quotation marks mine) glasses is about a device that shows video per the user’s desire. This seems a far cry from true AR. Granted, it is no small achievement to make video appear on a pair of lightweight glasses with various viewing options. But is it augmented reality? The tech company that launches a pair of glasses that can seamlessly display pertinent information to users in the field of view without being unsafe will deliver AR that is truly “augmented.”

Original Article: Nreal

In brief: Microsoft’s HoloLens, Google’s Glass, and the Magic Leap One are decidedly prosumer and enterprise-oriented augmented reality headsets. Nreal also has the Nreal Light smart glasses, but the company is now introducing a distilled, lightweight version that is much more likely to see mainstream adoption.

Chinese company Nreal is taking another stab at making augmented reality glasses more popular among consumers. Its latest pair of smart glasses is called Nreal Air, and is supposed to be a cheaper and lighter alternative to the Nreal Light.

Nreal has kept the sunglasses aesthetic and is still using micro-OLED displays to produce an image overlay in front of your eyes. As the name suggests, the Nreal Air is 27 percent lighter than its predecessor at just 77 grams, but it achieves that at the cost of some functionality. With the Nreal Light, you get spatial awareness, hand tracking, and the ability to interact with what you see.

However, none of that is possible with the Nreal Air. It’s almost as if Nreal has learned from the past—people around you will almost never be quite comfortable with you wearing smart glasses with outward-facing cameras, so the company chose not to include them this time around. In a sense, the Nreal Air is like an improved version of Intel’s Vaunt project, which never made it to market as the latter company gave up on developing augmented reality hardware in 2018.

Since then, the hardware has evolved enough to allow for a more compact frame, but there’s a catch. Nreal Light glasses need to be tethered to a smartphone, which was also the case for the Nreal Light. The company positions them as a way to project an enormous 201-inch TV in front of your eyes as if you were standing six meters away from it, or a 130-inch screen as viewed from four meters away. In other words, the Nreal Air is designed to mirror your phone screen inside a 46-degree field of view.

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