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Published on November 4th, 2021 | by Emergent Enterprise


How and Why Brand Engagement Is Driving XR Development

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When companies are looking for a way to successfully use XR (or AR/VR) the best potential may be in customer-facing, branded experiences as reported by Jon Jaehnig at ARPost. Other areas such as employee training get a lot of attention for enterprise use cases but marketing has a wealth of possibilities. One frequent approach is augmented product placement. How does a specific model of car look in your garage? What about that coffee table in the living room? Or those killer sneaks on your feet? What if a retail company can create a portal right into a virtual lobby or showroom? XR presents all of those opportunities and key demographics are attracted to those types of experiential interactions.

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Photo: 8th Wall

Everybody wins in the world of XR brand engagement. Brands get a unique and dynamic way to interact with customers. Customers get fun and informative ways to interact with their favorite brands. And the rest of us? The most cutting-edge advances in AR graphics and dynamic rendering that will one day build games and other apps are being developed by AR advertisers.

Here, we’ll look at some of the most exciting AR brands and brand engagements. We’ll look at their advertising content and programs, but we’ll also talk about the other implications that these use cases have for AR technology in general.


Location-based experiences are the future. We’re talking about going to a specific place and having that location augmented by information and assets specific to that geographic location.

Brand engagement experiences and LBEs aren’t always one-to-one, as most of the examples that this article looks at can be launched anywhere that an image target or QR code is located. However, as we’ll see, in-store and on-site AR experiences often come out of promotion or retail considerations.

8th Wall

This summer, 8th Wall released their 17th major platform update, which expands world effects with a focus on AR portals. These portals open up new virtual worlds for users to walk through or otherwise interact with. Once a portal has been opened, the user needs only to walk through it to enter a 360-degree virtual environment.

Because 8th Wall is based in WebAR, developers point out that multiple portal destinations can be linked together to create a “multiverse experience.”


The London-based Zappar agency is working with portals too. They play into a recent brand engagement experience that the organization created for LEGOLAND at Windsor Resort location.

Much of the magic of these places comes from visiting the resort itself. However, visitors can access these portals through an app to revisit the magic of LEGOLAND once they have returned home.

MVP Interactive

We’ll talk about MVP Interactive again later in the article when we talk about developments in targets and targeting for AR experiences. MVP specializes in working with sports and athletic brands, and many of their brand engagement experiences take place in and around physical locations using iconic elements of these locations as launch-points for the experiences themselves.


Darabase handles location-based experiences differently. They work with property owners and managers (primarily in the London area and the UK). Most of their experiences have been related to art and culture rather than to retail and brand engagement, but their application has a lot to do with AR experiences more broadly.

Darabase MonitAR
MonitAR – Darabase

Property owners and managers that work with Darabase can see all of the location-based experiences on their land – including experiences that they don’t sanction and wouldn’t otherwise know about. This can allow them to respond to AR artefacts posted by bad actors, even by competitors.

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