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Published on January 13th, 2022 | by Emergent Enterprise


Meta’s Oculus Quest 3, Oculus Quest Pro VR Headset Info Detailed in Fresh Leak

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As the big tech companies race to get new VR headsets out to the masses, there is no indication that the form factor will achieve widespread acceptance. In November 2021, The Verge reported that Oculus has sold 10 million headsets. That’s a lot, right? In this May of 2021 report, 1.9 billion iPhones have been sold. Sure, that’s not necessarily apples to apples but you get the picture. Mass adoption is world-changing, transformative acceptance. VR headsets are nowhere near that. As this report by Carrie Marshall at t3.com shows, Meta is still pressing on with new VR headsets in the future – and it should. The bumpy, toe-stubbing, fun-filled path to widespread acceptance is getting people to use the devices in the real world. As users begin defining the best daily “I need this!” use cases VR will take off and soon a virtual reality meetup or gameplay will be commonplace.

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Photo: Oculus

Meta’s high-end VR headset should arrive by the summer with the Meta Quest 3 coming in 2023, according to this leak

You won’t see it at CES 2022 but Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, is readying brand new versions of the Oculus Quest 2: an Oculus Quest Pro, and an Oculus Quest 3.

Both new Oculus headsets may be rebranded as Meta rather than Oculus, too, and Meta expects to sell tons of them: the Quest Pro, which is expected to launch by the summer, has a sales target of 3 million VR headsets in its first year.

With Apple’s AR/VR headset expected to launch later this year too, 2022 is shaping up to be the battle of the best VR headsets.


According to tech analyst Brad Lynch, as reported by Android Central, the two Oculus or Meta VR headsets will be rather different. The Oculus Pro, currently codenamed Cambria, will have miniLED displays; Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg recently spoke about “pancake optics” to deliver high resolutions without thick displays, so the Oculus Pro should be a treat for your eyes.

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